Friday, March 23, 2012


To say that I enjoy watching Survivor (the reality show) would be a modest way to put it....when in reality I LOVE fact I'm waiting for the day when my kids are grown and I can try out for my chance to outwit and outlast someone.

I have had a couple close friends of mine lately share with me the personal struggles they are having in their lives. Their situations have been weighing heavily on my mind the past couple of days and today it dawned on me....we are all living a version of Survivor.

(Yes it could be referred to outwitting and outlasting my children but no...that's not where I'm going today....I've already outwitted, outlasted and won that battle :)

I'm talking about the everyday challenges we face when contending with The Adversary.

He is smart - He would have to be...he alone was allowed to offer ideas regarding the well-being of all mankind, ultimately leading to a war in heaven. He had to be educated and very convincing because he enticed a 1/3 of the host of heaven to remain with him and be angels of darkness forever (sounds pretty miserable to me....but he somehow turned many hearts of the children away from their father.)

He is continuous - He will never stop trying to make our lives as miserable as he feels. (Misery loves company) He knows our weaknesses, our flaws, our challenges and our sensitivities and he'll find ways to ignite them causing them to burn away at our conscience and then at our weakest point, instead of letting up and claiming defeat he will stoke the fire, a little here, a little there until it ultimately consumes us.  

So how do we outwit an intelligent enduring devil?? We follow Christs plan, a plan that Satan never understood and never will....often referred to as The Plan of Happiness -  in order to know the plan of happiness you have to GAIN KNOWLEDGE by simply going to church, reading the scriptures, studying instruction from the leaders of the church found in the ensign and other modern publications. Then while searching to discover who you are, you will come to realize and find joy in the simple truth that you are indeed a child of a living and true God who will forever be on your side.

How do we Outlast him?? We turn our burdens over to the lord and he will lighten our load and ease our pain. We wont outlast him if we are trying to tolerate life's torments alone. Satan has his angels on his side but we have angles from heaven ready to heed our call. Joseph Smith once said (and I'm paraphrasing) "You are in a situation in which you must make a decision -- but if you chose to live up to God's principles, how great will be your privilege, for angels cannot be restrained from being with you." (simple enough I think)

DON'T EVER STOP -- because Satan never will.
Then if we work hard, stay true and do what we the end of these season (aka life)
we will be crowned the winner and earn that title of ultimate survivor!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Living proof that faster isnt better

One word....BUSY

That's what I feel like I have been lately, now I enjoy being a "busy-body" as my hubby calls it, makes me feel accomplished through my repetitious days.

But....I'm coming to realize with all my busyness that trying to move faster to accomplish more is never a good thing.
In fact I can visualize my out of control self (in life right now) morph into one of those crazy street drivers that dart in and out of traffic, passing everyone so I can "Go Faster" because I'm in a hurry. While you casually driving at the same constant-laid back speed enjoying the view and loving the moment.
In a matter of time, you catch up to the maniac (me) whose crazied-panicked efforts only gained 5 extra seconds (if that).
You enjoyed your on the other hard was a frantic out-of-control mess.

My messes (Living proof that faster isn't better).....

1. The other day I was trying to hurry home. Our stupid garage door sensor wasn't working, after 11 quick clicks and 2 misfires where the door began to open but with my impatient clicketty clacking I caused the door to stall about 4 inches off the ground. I then had to wait for the door to close down again before trying to reopen it. After finally mastering it, I hurried into the garage, dodging our lazy, slow moving, 9 year old lab who likes to nap in the center of the garage floor. I misjudged my momentum and CRACK...ran a bike handle right through my front Van Grill.....nice...but nothing a little super glue cant fix, right? :)

2. Mental note: setting an appointment to meet up in 20 minutes...when you still have to shower and dress yourself. (Never a good idea) I showered faster than ever, even shaved my legs (extra points right I right ladies), jumped out, blow dried my hair went to get dressed, figured I could wiggle into my jeans without fully unzipping the zipper, but in one massive power pull I  blew the zipper completely out!! It EXPLODED, ripping the zipper teeth clean off the pants. I cant find them....they are gone...and the zipper is destroyed. one pair of nice pants...GONE. :( One semi-self confident mom...feeling fat again (never a good way to go through out the day).

3. My 3yr old went to the restroom, I figured I had time to change a dirty diaper of my 18 month old before going to help my 3 yr old. But half way through a messy diaper change he starts to call out from the bathroom, MOMMMMM I DONE! MOMMMM WHERE ARE YOU?? I'M DONNNEEEE!!!! MMOOMMM So I clean up the 18 month old - hike his pants up, set him down to play and move on to help in the bathroom. I would say life was good for about an hour....until my 18 month old walked up to me crying hysterically and completely drenched from the waist down, I pick him up and peak down the pants to see what on earth is going on with this cheap diaper...and SURPRISE...NO DIAPER! Yep...log that one away for best mom move ever!! The poor little guy.

So...learn from my mistakes ladies and SLOW THOSE PONIES DOWN because in the long run its really not worth the effort, eventually everyone else will catch up to you but they will be happy and relaxed because they took it slow and enjoy the scenery, do yourself a favor - take my advice....SLOW DOWN and enjoy the moment.