Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just be glad...

While coming out of the store the other day, I noticed a mom a few paces in front of me, she had her hand wrapped around the back of her sons neck, who looked to be maybe 5-6 years old.

As we walked, I could sense the discrete struggle that was quietly ensuing.

The son, trying to resist and stubbornly pull away...and the moms tightening death grip around his neck, steering him to the car with every resistant wiggle.

I actually smiled to myself....I had been there many times to count, in fact.

Ironically they were parked next to me, I tried to blend with the pavement and quietly loaded my van and watched from the corner of my eye as an exhausted mom battled her stubborn, crossed armed little boy.

She way say "We aren't doing this right now, get in the car." He would glared back, feet planted, shaking his head and retort, "No!"

They were still going back and forth as I climbed in my car and silently drove away.

I felt bad for the put it plainly, it can be embarrassing when a child acts out. We automatically assume the watchful eyes of the world are looking down, judging us.

But who are we to judge?? We need to realize that if we could ask the public audience who witnesses a melt down between parent and child...
"She who has not lost her temper with a child....let her cast the first accusation..." :)
I guarantee everyone would turn away....dont fault yourself and dont fault others.

Naturally we expect perfection from ourselves and at times from our children. I can't even track how many times I have said...or heard someone vent in frustration "I just don't know what to do anymore...."

Parenting is hard and at times very emotionally and physically draining.

During those moments of fatigue and utter frustration...(Like right at the moment when I could pop that little head clean off the shoulders of my little ones when initiating my so called "Grip of Death")....I have to catch myself and remember this thought that was recently shared with me....

If Christ were to visit your family today...who would he ask to see first??

Your Children.

We must never underestimate how very important they are to him.

I dont fault the mother...for I am just as guilty. Its a daily battle we as mothers face.

I also don't fault the child...for they are simply, only a child.

Be glad they are stubborn, for they will stand firm to the teachings you have taught them...
Be glad they seem bossy, for they know how to lead...
Be glad they are terrorizing, for they are healthy and strong...
Be glad that they tattle, for they trust in your judgement...
Be glad that they question, for they are curious, smart and seeking answers...
Be glad they are yours, be glad they are yours...


  1. Love the line about them being healthy and strong. That's something I've definitely learned to appreciate... even though mine are always terrorizing. ;)

  2. PS - Success!!! Your blog finally let me leave a comment. Hooray!