Monday, June 11, 2012


With the happily anticipated birth of each of my children,  there was one thing that weighed on my mind, it began the moment we found out we were expecting, and strangely,  I still worry today - sometimes even more than I did back then. 

Its mainly on those extremely tough days when those self-judgmental thoughts creep in. Those engulfing feelings of inadequacy, when questions surface of my ability to successfully nurture and teach each child the same.

It has taken me almost 9 years to realize, that even when logic tells me the more children I have the less time I will have for each one individually; they will still be okay if I do my very best.

We have heard time and again that we are raising one of the greatest generation of children...but what we haven't been told and what we need to realize, is that in order to raise up these strong spirits in the world today, we would have to be...and are, one of the greatest generation of teachers. 

We just have to realize and believe it. 

No situation is to complicated, no battle is to challenging and no one could do a better job today, than us. 

We were meant to be their mentors, their security, their motivators, their leaders and their parents.

They were meant to be ours....and we were meant to be theirs. 

HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF, and know that you are already exactly who you wish you could be. 

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