Monday, July 25, 2011


I want you to think of an addiction (it can be any addiction)....then I want you to think of how that addiction could affect and possibly change some one's life.

Most likely the addiction you though of was I right?

More often than not, the word "Addiction" is looked at in a negative light.

Can there be a good addiction??

This past weekend I attended church at my parents ward. It just happened to be a homecoming of a returned missionary. At the end of her report she mentioned that she was "Addicted to the love of her Father in Heaven", she yearned to feel it every day.

I  believe there can be good addictions....and that these addictions can positively effect and change your life.

Living the life of a missionary helps you to live in constant focus of the gospel principles. You are in tune to the spirit so you can receive direction during your day and you have daily personal  prayer and scripture study -- you are surrounded by reminders of the love your Heavenly Father has for you. 

What are we doing to receive constant reminders?
When was the last time you felt the love of your Father in Heaven?

Just as our children yearn to hear us say we love them; your spirit wants to feel that peace and happiness that comes from knowing and realizing, simply...that your Father in Heaven loves you too. In a busy and distracting world today, this can be tough. 
Even on your most challenging days with your children, you love them all the same -- do you realize your Father in Heaven is more forgiving, more patient and more understanding than we'll ever be.
Most importantly, He loves you more than you can even comprehend.

Don't ever forget -- start today -- and allow yourself the time to feed the daily addiction that your spirit craves, to feel Heavenly Fathers love.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monster Mom

My girls have a board hanging by their bedroom door. Every night after I tuck them in, they ask if I will draw them a picture - so I usually doodle a few scribbles, call it good and sign it by (drawing) heart -U-2, then we are good for the night.

Tonight they asked me and at first I said, "No." They begged so I did a quick 3 second doodle, popped the pen back into place without signing it and said, "That's all you get tonight" and I walked out of the room to tuck in the boys.

Minutes later Dewie (my 4 year old) calls me back asking for a drink. I noticed Arlee (my 7 year old) hiding her head and unusually quiet.
So I asked her, "What's the matter?"  (in my..."I'm tired, what is your problem" voice)....she didn't answer, so I climbed the bunk and pulled back the blankets to find her quietly crying.

What a heart-breaking moment for a mom.

Naturally I softened my tone and asked again, "Whats wrong, buddy?"

At first she didn't want to talk, but after a little coaxing she finally said, "You were just kind of mean today...and you wouldn't even draw our picture and say you loved us before we went to sleep."

yeah, it might have seemed like a stupid drawing to me.
I know I felt checked out and was tired from the day.
I knew I had been a monster all day long.
I was impatient, bossy, name it.
But instead of ignoring it, now was my chance to correct it all.

I had a little heart to heart chat with each of my kiddos, apologizing to them and reassuring them how much I truly loved them and what great kids they are.
We as moms are going to have off days. That's okay. Its okay to let your children see your weaknesses, but you must take the time to reassure them that they are indeed YOUR weaknesses...not theirs. Children tend to think that parents can be agitated and angry because of things they do.....make sure your children never carry your stress and burdens.

Because you woke up cranky, because your husband is gone a lot, because your baby is sick and not happy, because your house isn't in order....there is no excuse for not showing more love and expressing "I love you" more often to our children.

Take time to talk lovingly to them about your emotions during a rough day. Make sure they understand its just you having a crazy mom moment  :-) ....and you aren't perfect.
Children truly are amazing - they are quick to forgive, they are patient and more understanding than we think...and most of all, they are full of love.

Tomorrow is a  new day.   

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Savior

Some days I need a simple-beautiful reminder, maybe there are days you do too.

(Mosiah 16:9)

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Life Lesson from a Loaf of bread

I stood in the checkout line today...watching my perfect, fluffy loaf of bread make its way to the register where it was carelessly scanned then tossed down to the bagger. Who roughly snatched it up, but only after the conveyor had tumbled it a few times, stuffed it half way into a sack with a couple canned items then hucked it into the cart, topping it with a couple dozen eggs.

The girl then smiled, asked if I needed help out (Ummmm no thank you, you've done enough damage already)....I decline but thank them anyway, then rush out to my car where I attempted to rescue my bread, while trying to reshape it I found myself frustrated and muttering "Unbelievable!" to myself.

On the drive home I tried to figure out why I didn't say something....I stood there witnessing it, knowing full well the outcome.  Why hadn't I stopped it before the damage was done?? Frankly...the only answer I had was because I was afraid to speak up.


If that loaf of bread was a family member or dear friend, would I idly stand by watching their destruction? Would I be brave enough to speak up, to voice my concern. To try to protect and prevent damage.

Once its damaged, a loaf never really is the same. Your investment in a loaf a bread is minimal...but your investment in the life of a loved one is priceless. Making it more of a reason to step up and say something.

If your child or loved one is unknowingly being pulled by the adversary. If they innocently can't see the dangers around them. If they appear to be headed for danger..... Don't be afraid to speak up - Do what you can to protect and possibly rescue your loved one.

Step up and say something even if it makes you a meanest mom least you wont have any regrets or what ifs.
You might be thinking..."that was a stretch" or "wow, all that from a stupid, smashed loaf of bread?"

And my answer to that is....WHY NOT? There are life lessons to be learned everywhere, everyday.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Add this to your list of a million daily tasks :-)

One of the Greatest Commandments I feel that will bless our lives the most as a Mother, is...
"Thou Shalt Love The Lord Thy God With all Thy Heart"

The more we know God, the more we will love him. When we love him, we trust him. When we have someone to trust and rely on unconditionally we know we are never alone. And when we know, without a doubt that we never stand alone our darkest days can always be brightened.  

So your challenge this week is to give 10 minutes of your busy day to get to know him better. 
Ways to do this:
1. Believe that he exists and know that he loves you
2. Take time to study his scriptures, even a small amount of reading will improve your attitude and your day.
3. Pray often to him -- involve him in your life. 
4. Obey his commandments

Do these things and you will come to know him and you will realize he is always there to comfort and direct us. Do this and your life will be blessed!
The Comforter by Scott Sumner