Friday, September 30, 2011

Thats what we do...

We sacrifice our sleep because as a mother we unknowingly signed up to work night shifts.

We take time before the school bus to fix our 7 year olds hair all cute for school -- even though we know that by first recess she will have taken it out and ran about like a wild bushy mess

We drink Dr Pepper more than we should, because its all that keeps us happy when dealing with kids who have Hand foot & Mouth disease; secondary sinus infections, diarrhea and legs that are "tired of walking".

We take on the challenge of grocery shopping with kids every other week with the good intentions of this trip actually being a good one -- you think we would learn.

We buy dog food by the millions of gallons because frankly....dogs are fun.

We work odd ball jobs to earn a little extra cash -- $KA-CHING$ -- but only for the van battery to die and the Nissan alternator to go out. Spending money doesn't seem fun anymore.

We grab lunch in drive Thur's to save time...curse the restaurant because you assume they forgot your plastic knife to cut up a corn dog with - you pull over, cut up a flesh burning dog with its own dull stick, get back on the road and while navigating traffic you reach back and stuff the chops of a starving 1 year old, only to have your own meaty finger mistake as a dog and nearly bitten off. Then while examining your pained finger, you see the plastic knife laying mockingly in your lap. But no worries, its all good.

We go through more laundry detergent than we should, because 2 day old wet towels left in the washer could use a few extra cups on the rewash.

We smile -- because it makes everyone else think we have it all together, until your sour faced 5 year old, with arms crossed angrily chastises you to "Stop Smiling".

And its sad but true - that these are the silly things we are going to miss.

Pictures of Christ

I feel that children are subconsciously influenced by the decor inside the home. Their environment speaks to them -- what is your home saying?

I've tried to make an effort to put up pictures -- large or small -- around their rooms, one the fridge and on the walls of the home.....on the backside of their bedroom door, so when they storm up there and slam it shut they have a picture of Christ staring back at them.

You can purchase little picture packets from for just a few bucks.
They are the perfect size to place around the home.

A while back I was looking for a picture of Christ to put by the front door in our living room. I didn't have very much cash so I tried my luck and looked on classified and was surprised to see quite a few pictures of Christ for sale. Many of the ads listed "Does not go with decor" is it possible that a picture of Christ could clash with any style? But at their loss and my gain --  I scored a very cool picture for $15 bucks, but it made me wonder....How does Christ fit into our lives? Does his image go with our decor?

Try to make Christ more a part of your home -- The present of his images can be a simple reminder, to not only our family but to us as tired, well-worn, emotional moms looking for that day by day pick-me-up; to be more Christ like - gentle and kind.

Ye Are the Light of the World -- by Simon Dewey

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Conference Weekend -- YEAH!

I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to Conference this weekend, I could really use a spiritual pick-me-up.

I can't pin point my problem lately - but these past couple week I've been sulking around feeling sorry for myself. I wouldn't say that I'm sad or depressed...but I wouldn't say that I'm content and over joyed either. I'm in a restless rut and I can't seem to pull out of it.

Then, last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to have a sweet husband who scored me a ticket to the General RS Meeting at the Conference Center in SLC.

I was able to get out and have a girls night with some sweet ladies from our ward; I met up with a dear friend from High school who always makes me feel more amazing than I really am and I was able to sit rows away from our dear Prophet. What a blessed night.

I was able to watch President Monson, I could overhear his voice as he greeted and asked about the families of his counselors and members of the seventy that presided. I watched as he tapped his feet in time with the rhythm of songs and the most important thing I witnessed, was that he was human, like me.

Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke at the meeting...he truly was an inspired man!

Through my fumbling and inadequate words I would only take away from this extraordinary message he had prepared, but his talk brought me to tears, for he had touched on each subject that filled the void I had been feeling, and I know I must not be the only one because he wasn't just speaking to Jenn Collard of Cedar Valley Utah...he was speaking to ALL WOMEN.

His main points were : Forget not, to be patient with yourself -- Forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice -- forget not to be happy now -- Forget not the "why" of the gospel and remember the Lord and savior will forget you not.

Please take the time to search out, find his Message and read it in its entirety.

Until then...they have released highlights of the meeting, they can be found at

and take time to read, watch or listen to conference this weekend, I'm sure they will have a message just for you!

Friday, September 23, 2011

There is a lesson to be learned

You know that thing that your kid keeps doing, over...and over...and over again. From your perspective the problem could be resolved if they would just listen to you in the first place. You find yourself echoing yesterdays lecturing words of wisdom day after day.

Like this morning, everyone work up a bit cranky...Including me, I'm not going to lie. So when the fighting and crying began full force at 8:15 I had had enough. I sat my kids down and I laid it all out...but the end of my rant my oldest was near tears and my 2 others just sat staring blank faced and shell shocked from over their cereal bowls on the table.

Had I went to far?? what are they thinking right now....did it sink in this time that enough was enough? They knew what was expected of them, regardless of how their day was going, I expect them to show love and respect to each other at all times, Their siblings should be their best friends, not the people the come and go in their lives through school relations, no bulling, no punching while moms not looking, no saying hurtful things.....would the lesson finally sink in....would something be learned?


I know I'm guilty of not doing the things my Heavenly Father has asked of me, I'm reminded all the time of what I "Should be doing" or "What is expected of me" as a mother, as a daughter of god, as his child.

I know sometimes I push my limits as well -- and in return, I'm sure my Heavenly Father sometimes feels the parental frustrations I endure with my own little ones.

We know what we should be doing, We've been told over, and over and over again.

There is going to come a day when we'll be sat down and reprimand in our own way. We will think, yes, I should have been doing this, or maybe I should have done that before it got this out of hand.

Do we want to wait for the day? Or can we stop the momentum now from building?

How many of our 'Problems' could be resolved if we would just do what we know we should.

I didn't enjoy myself this morning, and I'm sure Heavenly Father takes no joy in reprimanding us at times.

There is just simply a lesson to be learned.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's all okay

Regardless of what comes to visit us from time to time...

Everyone has their own moments of overwhelming uncertainty...its during those moments you have to remember, no matter what,


Friday, September 16, 2011

Conquering the Chaos

The 'Collard Chaos'...that's what I call it at home. Its an every day occurrence, just some days are worse than others.

Like last night, we had soccer practice. Darrin had a Scout recharter meeting so he wasn't home...again it was up to me to keep my wits about while trying to conquer the chaos.

I was trying to get dinner in the crock pot before we left so it would be ready (Hopefully) when we walked back in the door later that night, while doing so I was barking orders to the kids to go potty, get their shoes and their waters.
A speedy "Yes Mom" wasn't what I got....instead I had Corby laying on the flooring crying out "I can't get ready! My legs are tired of walking!"
Dewie was trying to put her soccer socks on, she would get one toe in and some how the other little piggies kept escaping so she would start kicking and yelling "I can't do it!! I can't....I can't!...MMoooommmm I...CANT...DO...IT!"
Then Arlee walks in the kitchen and I say, "Grab your homework we'll have to do it at the park, bud." Immediately she bursts into tears..."I can't bring my homework, I have to cut out things and the wind will blow them all away."
Meanwhile Creedin is crying from his highchair waiting for his snack that I kept forgetting to get.

After threatening all of them to "stop crying and get moving or we'll just stay home",  for the 109th time....the thought occurred to me...Time to pray.

I have actually found in the past that when my kids, and most importantly my own emotions start to spiral out of control, a simple family prayer solves the problem.

I gathered everyone around Corby, since he was still laying on the floor looking all pathetically crippled, and I said a prayer...I prayed for each one of them individually, as well as myself.  Publicly acknowledging the fact that I was being impatient and not very nice...I then closed by asking that we could all be happy and enjoy our night.

The second the prayer ended we gave hugs, apologized and just as I hoped, the attitudes changed, even mine.

I know for myself when chaos is high in the home I tend to get wrapped up in it and my emotions aren't really in check.

If you ever feel that happening, take time to STOP and PRAY with your kids when you feel the momentum climbing. It will help you come to grips with things, it quickly invites the spirit back to the home and most of all your kids will learn by example that you can ask Heavenly Father for help with anything. 


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its the little Memories...

I have found that on days when I'm not feeling that chipper or having a poor me day (as I call it), one of the simplest ways to change my mood is to open my Journals and read.

I'm not sure if you can even call my Journals -- Journals. They are more so memory books. They are littered with small entries, each one comprised of something that made me smile, and nothing makes me smile more than the silly or sweet things my kiddos do as I watch them grow.

I encourage you today to pull out a note book, an old Journal or whatever you have, (Internet postings wont count) It needs to be something tangible, a book that you can pull out at any time -- open and read it. In just a few minutes of reminiscing you will feel better, be happier, love more and most of you will be reminded that Motherhood is worth it!

Here are just  few examples of my entries -- proof that they don't have to be complex. After all its the little things in life that make us happy and that often are forgotten with time. It will only take a few minutes before you go to sleep to recapture brief highlights of your day, remember...Simple is all you need.

"Today at lunch Arlee told me she wanted to grow up to be a paleontologist, Dewie pipped up and said, 'Oh yeah, Well I'm going to be a witch!' and then Corby added, 'And I'm going to be a Frog!'"

"I heard Dewie talking in her bed tonight -- I went in to check on her. She was mumbling in her sleep so I leaned in and said 'Dewie are you okay?' She answered, 'Yep, and I found some cheese.' Holding back laughter I said, 'well good, but are you okay? Need anything?' she replied, 'nope, I'm good.' I kissed her and she turned over and went back to sleep."

"Arlee was making her sandwich today for lunch, she pulled out the lunch meat and said in a surprised voice, 'Huh! I didn't know you could buy SMOKED turkey Beast...'I laughed and said...Yeahhhh...then she added, 'how do they smoke it?' and I said 'I think your question should be...where do they Find Turkey BEASTS. She looked confused for a second, looked back at the lunch meat package, reread it and started to belly laugh."

"Today after nursery Corby's teacher came up and told me that Corby was playing Lego's and building something all class. When he was asked at the end of class what he built, he answered, "The Temple."  (What a sweet boy! Maybe we are doing something right.)"

"Creedin thinks it hilarious to screech at the top of his lungs, then laugh. It makes you laugh because of his belly giggles -- which in turn makes him shriek more. Creating a viscous circle of shrill, ear popping chaos."

Start today and make a collection of the little things in your daily life, before they are gone.