Tuesday, April 3, 2012

God vs. Chance

One of my favorite things said over this past conference weekend...was something Pres. M. Russell Ballard shared regarding the common question "does God exist or was it really all due to chance because of a big bang somewhere"...he said to ask yourself, "if a printing shop explodes does it yield a dictionary?"

There are too many perfect experiences in this life to credit chance.

Just yesterday we had listed one of our cars for sale on local classifieds. It had some engine trouble but must have been priced just right because we were inundate with numerous calls, texts and emails. It was to the point where I had to start compiling a list of prospective buyers.

At first I decided to offer the car on a first call basis - then just work down the list if needed. I assumed that was the only way to keep it fair.

It was working out until the 2nd person on the list, kept calling me again and again and again...asking me to just sell him the car. He had the cash and would come pick it up today....except...I didn't like the vibe I was getting from this guy, so I stood my ground and told him again and again..."If this 1st guy decides not to get it, then you can come look at it" I wasn't going to sell it out from underneath the first guy who was researching to see if he had the means to put the car back into top working order.

Finally about 2 minutes after my final "No" to this man I received a text that read,

"You are an absolute idiot! Thank you for wasting my time! You told me the first time we talked you only had one guy interested in the car...now you have 4 and all you can say to me is I'll keep you posted. I thought you had integrity...you obviously don't even know the meaning of the word! I hope you get ripped off by all the Mexicans who are calling to try and under sale you......" (Then he called me a few choice words I wont post because this is a clean blog :)

I wanted to send an explosions of text back to this guy venting what a racist JERK I thought he was...but all I sent back to him was...

"I'm not going to sell to you so stop calling me...and stop being so mean"

all he responded with was...

"You are an idiot!"

Shortly after that I found out the 1st buyer wasn't able to purchase the car....

Maybe I am idiot...but I doubt that...because I knew that after an afternoon washing back and forth with different emotions, from anger, to hurt, to sad, to laughing, to anger, to sad.....I found my knees, and I knelt and prayed....

I asked my Father in Heaven, to please help me pick one buyer, out of this growing list of phone numbers, My "going down the list" theory didn't seem so perfect anymore and I wanted to give the next chance to the most deserving person, someone who could really benefit and be blessed by it. 

After my prayer, I glanced over the list, fingered down it and my eyes fell upon one number near the middle of the page.

I called it, and the voice on the end of the line was more than trilled to hear from me. They made arrangements to come see the car that very evening.

Turns out -- they bought it!
Turns out -- they were Hispanic, and they weren't there to rip me off. :)
They were a young wonderful family, and while they waited for the truck to come and moved the car to their shop we invited them into our home where we sat and spoke with them and let the kids play. We found out the dad was recently laid of from work in California, they made their way to Utah, nearly car less with a truck that had to be jumped before they could drive away from our home, hoping for a little luck to come their way.

We felt good about our choice.

After they left our home, I thought of that mean man from earlier and words from the weekends conference talks poured over me as I recalled them teaching -- have the courage to not judge others and to recognize that we are all gods children.

This was just one of those perfect life experiences...and I know for a fact it wasn't chance.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes! You did the right thing, Jenni.