Friday, September 30, 2011

Thats what we do...

We sacrifice our sleep because as a mother we unknowingly signed up to work night shifts.

We take time before the school bus to fix our 7 year olds hair all cute for school -- even though we know that by first recess she will have taken it out and ran about like a wild bushy mess

We drink Dr Pepper more than we should, because its all that keeps us happy when dealing with kids who have Hand foot & Mouth disease; secondary sinus infections, diarrhea and legs that are "tired of walking".

We take on the challenge of grocery shopping with kids every other week with the good intentions of this trip actually being a good one -- you think we would learn.

We buy dog food by the millions of gallons because frankly....dogs are fun.

We work odd ball jobs to earn a little extra cash -- $KA-CHING$ -- but only for the van battery to die and the Nissan alternator to go out. Spending money doesn't seem fun anymore.

We grab lunch in drive Thur's to save time...curse the restaurant because you assume they forgot your plastic knife to cut up a corn dog with - you pull over, cut up a flesh burning dog with its own dull stick, get back on the road and while navigating traffic you reach back and stuff the chops of a starving 1 year old, only to have your own meaty finger mistake as a dog and nearly bitten off. Then while examining your pained finger, you see the plastic knife laying mockingly in your lap. But no worries, its all good.

We go through more laundry detergent than we should, because 2 day old wet towels left in the washer could use a few extra cups on the rewash.

We smile -- because it makes everyone else think we have it all together, until your sour faced 5 year old, with arms crossed angrily chastises you to "Stop Smiling".

And its sad but true - that these are the silly things we are going to miss.


  1. Thanks for making me laugh as I look around my destroyed house!